Can you beat roulette?

If we play at random NO. That is, if we play without a system, letting ourselves be guided by our intuitions and bet first on a number, then on a color, etc, then we are condemned to lose. The reason is that the possibilities play against us, since the bank plays with advantage (when the 0 or the double 0 comes out, everything is bet for the bank); so that in the medium or long term we will obtain safe losses.

But then, is there any method that allows us to win at roulette? 
The answer is yes. And on this page we will explain it to you.
A proof that playing with a good method is possible to beat roulette, is that in real casinos is strictly prohibited to use any game system. They only allow you to play at random and if they discover that you are using a system (it will not take more than 5 or 6 moves), then the casino employees will kindly inform you that no method of betting is allowed or in the worst case they will eject directly.
Therefore the system that we are going to show you is limited to its use in Casinos Online. Currently in most of the online casinos the use of betting methods by users is not checked, so you can use our system. Specifically in the Casinos that I use and that we will indicate later you will not have any difficulty to use the system.

The system. 
The system that we propose is simple and easy to apply.
It is based on betting on one color: red or black. In this way we have 50% chance of winning (excluding the possibility of the 0 coming out), so if we win we will get double what we have bet. For example if we bet 5 Euros to the red color and a red number comes out, we will get 10 Euros (the 5 that we have bet plus another 5 of prize).
The mechanics are as follows:
1st Run: We will
start betting 1 Euro (or a $) on a color, for example red.
Result of the 1st Run:
If we are lucky and the red comes out, then we get 2 Euros and we finish the system so that we can start a new series (we would return to the 1st Run).
If on the other hand it turns black, we must continue betting, in a 2nd Roll.
2nd Run: We will
bet 2 Euros back to red.
Result of the 2nd Run:
If the second run shows red, we will have obtained 4 Euros (2 of which we bet plus 2 of prize money), against a total cost of 3 Euros (1 of the first run and 2 of the second), with which we obtain a net gain of 1 Euro and we will finish the system, we can then return to the 1st Roll (with a bet of 1 Euro).
If we do not have luck and the black one comes back out, we have to make a 3rd Roll.
3rd Run: We will
make a new bet of 4 Euros to red.
Result of the 3rd Run:
If the third run is red, we will get 8 Euros, while the cost that we have made is 7 Euros (1 of the 1st run, 2 of the 2nd and 4 of the 3rd), with which we obtain a gain of 1 Euro and we will finish the series (ready to start again with a bet of 1 Euro).
If on the other hand, the black one comes out, we have to continue playing with a bet 4th Roll.
4th Run: We will
bet 8 Euros red.
Result of the 4th Run:
If in the 4th run it comes out red, we will get 16 Euros (8 that we bet more other 8 of prize), against a total cost of 15 Euros (1 of the 1st throw, 2 of the 2nd, 4 of the 3rd and 8 of the 4th ), again the benefit is 1 Euro and we can start again with a bet of 1 Euro.
If we had the very bad luck that for the fourth time in a row goes black, we have to continue with a 5th Run.
5th Run:
We will make a bet of 16 Euros to red.
Result of the 5th Run and successive:
If it finally comes out red, we will get 32 ​​Euros against an expense of 31 (you can calculate it yourself), so we earn 1 Euro and we can start the system.
If it comes out black, we must continue betting, with a bet of amount double the previous one (in this case 32 Euros, then 64, etc), until the red comes out, at which time we will have recovered everything bet plus a profit of a Euro.

In short, it’s about starting with a bet of one unit on a color and going doubling until hit , so that you always get the total amount wagered plus one unit.
As you can see, the system is simple and infallible.
At this point of the explanation, if you did not know this system, you will undoubtedly be excited. Maybe you care little what is the mathematical explanation of this method, in any case you can skip it:

Mathematical Demonstration:
The system is based on the following property of integers:
The double of a whole number is always greater than the sum of the own number plus its entire successive halves.
Expressed mathematically: 2E> E + E / 2 + E / 4 + E / 8 + E / 16 + …
If the integer in question is a power of 2, then: 2E> E + E / 2 + E / 4 + E / 8 + E / 16 + … + 1

How to apply the system in practice?
The system that we have explained here is well known by the usual bettors and also by the casinos. So, you’re wondering why do not gamblers use it to beat the casino systematically?
Above we indicated that in real casinos it is forbidden to use systems to place bets, so that we could not use our method, because they would quickly discover us and make us leave the casino.
We have then the field of Online Casinos to be able to use the system. However, in many of them there are important limitations that prevent us from conveniently using our method:
Lately in some online casinos (very few still) software systems are used to detect users who use betting systems, so that if they are discovered, their access is blocked and their accounts are canceled.
On the other hand (and this is very widespread), many online casinos impose very high minimum bets for the simplest bets, such as bets on one color, so that if we use our system and we do not have much luck, in 3 or 4 runs we would find betting really high sums, with the risk of running out of funds to continue doubling the bets.
Also in most online casinos, there is also a limit to the maximum bet, so if this is too low, there may come a time when we can not continue using our progression.
The online casinos in which I personally use the system and therefore can recommend you are the following:

In none of these casinos the use of betting methods is checked and also the minimum bet for the color is one dollar and the maximum bet of 150, with which we can use the system without any difficulty. It is also about serious and reliable casinos with secure payment systems, etc.

Final comments:
– As you have been able to verify the system that we expose here is infallible and perfect, but even so it does not guarantee us certain gains, because we are the ones who have to apply it and unfortunately we are not infallible, much less perfect. Therefore, I am not responsible in any way for the possible losses that the use of the system exposed here could cause. Remember that even using the best system, playing always carries a risk, so do not bet if you can not face the possible losses.
– You may be asking yourself: Can I get rich with this system? Honestly, I do not think so. You can easily earn 1,000 or even 2,000 Euros a month, but from there to get rich there is a long way to go. Also think that if you become too greedy and try to ruin the casino, before this happens, you will be disconnected, so I recommend you settle for a reasonable sum and periodically transfer the benefits obtained to insure them in case they forbid you access.
– As for me, the reason I advertise this system, which on the other hand is not my invention much less, is, altruism aside, to see if it is really possible to get a web page (like this one), get visits based on useful content and quality, without spending money on your promotion.