Win Often Playing Online Blackjack Real Money Games

It is a mystery to many how it is professional card players can sit down at a blackjack table and seemingly grind out consistent profits from one game to the next. With the advent of online blackjack real money games, the opportunities to win significant amounts of money playing blackjack and other popular casinos games is as great as ever.

Yet, the mystery lies in how professionals use blackjack rules in their favor. Most people mistakenly think they have to come as close to 21 without going over to win as much as possible. That simply is wrong.

Whether you play online blackjack real money games or at a land-based casino, the rules generally are the same, and so it the way people play the game. Yet, smart, skilled bettors can use those rules to reduce the house advantage against them and win more often.

Here is how they do that.

Learn Professional Blackjack Techniques

When you sit down at a blackjack table, you likely only see an empty spot for gambling, and the dealer. Yet, when a professional sits down, he or she is reading the posted house rules to know exactly how the dealer will play the cards dealt. The professional gambler employs advanced blackjack techniques that enable him or her to play the game using intelligence and reasoning, while limiting the amount of luck needed to win.

When a novice or average bettor plays online blackjack real money games or sets foot inside a casino, he or she tends to focus only on the cards dealt to him or her, and then tries to get as close to 21 as possible. That is how winning hands turn into losing hands, and the casino makes its money off one of the most bettor-friendly games on the planet.

Professional bettors know that a dealer essentially uses a simplified version of a blackjack chart, which tells the dealer when to stand or take another card. In fact, the dealer never even thinks about the plays to be made. The house dictates how the dealer will play, which limits the number of potential mistakes.

So long as the table dealer plays the game the way the casino dictates, the casino will enjoy an about 3 percent edge over most players. That is because the casino makes sure the bettors make the first decisions on how to play the cards dealt to them, and bettors have many more options. Those options generally are either good or bad, depending on the cards dealt to you.

If you ever take the time to watch a full blackjack table at a live casino, you likely will notice something: the house wins a lot of hands without the dealer having to make a play. That is because a lot of the bettors at the table played poorly, and went bust before the dealer had to even show the cards in the house’s hand.

Only professionals who know how to use the house rules against the casino and bettors who are just plain lucky stand a chance of leaving the table with more money than they had when they sat down to play.

The best way to turn the house odds in favor of the bettor is to force the dealer to make plays that beat your hand. While making those plays, the dealer stands a good chance of going bust, especially when initially dealt a hand worth 15 to 16 points, and for which the dealer must take another card.

When you learn to make the dealer make plays against your hand, you start to reduce the house advantage and find yourself winning more hands.

Change Your Luck with a Blackjack Strategy Guide

While luck always will play a critical role in whether or not you win a blackjack hand, the more you learn how to play like a pro, the less often luck will play a key role in your success.

A blackjack strategy guide can help you to know which plays are the best to make under particular circumstances. For example, most people know that splitting aces is the wise play to make off the deal. But, put a pair of 8’s, 9’s, or 10’s in that player’s hand, and the right move becomes harder to predict.

Fortunately, you can use a blackjack chart to help you determine the best plays to make based on the current game conditions. The chart will be based on the number of decks used, which often ranges from one to four or more.

The chart also helps you to assess the value of cards in the dealer’s hand, versus those you were dealt, and how to make the best play. The best play is based on the statistical probability of getting a winning combination of cards, versus what the dealer is showing off the deal.

When you play online blackjack real money games, it is critically important to play a virtually flawless game to stand the best chance of winning money and leaving the game happy and content.

How Blackjack Charts Work

A blackjack chart takes into consideration the blackjack rules, decks played, number of players at a table, and historical data showing the likeliest outcomes at any given moment. Some mistake that for counting cards, but that is not the case.

Counting cards is a highly advanced technique that requires many hours of practice to perfect. Yet, counting cards also could get you banned from a casino for life, if the people running it determine you are an advantage player.

Counting cards is legal, but casinos are private properties, and they do not allow card counting. But, you can use a blackjack strategy guide and chart to practice your game, eliminate mistakes, and make the smartest plays at the optimal times.

Eventually, you improve your skills enough that you can turn the tables against the casino and win hands far more often than players who rely on hunches and luck to beat the house.